23 February 2022


Noppanun Sookping
mg官方网站 Programme Officer;

2022年2月14日至18日, the ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance (mg官方网站-QA) had the pleasure of virtually conducting a quality assurance assessment on the programme level with the National University of Laos (NUOL) at the 246th mg官方网站-QA Programme Assessment.
成立于1996年,位于万象市区, NUOL is a large university offering courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, 多个研究领域的博士学位.
法律和政治科学学院(FLP)的发展和扩大是NUOL的许多优先事项之一. Since 2000, FLP一直致力于与许多组织合作, as evidenced by, 瑞典国际发展合作署(SIDA), 卢森堡发展合作署(LuxDev), 以及日本国际协力机构(JICA). 目前已与7所大学签订了合作备忘录.
致力于发展和提高FLP的学术和高等教育质量, NUOL首次参加了mg官方网站-QA项目评估, 利用专题网络的优质服务,评核学院的两个学位课程, namely: 1. 国际关系文科学士课程及2. 政治学管理学士课程“,. 这次合作是他们努力提高学术质量的一部分, 方案一级的能力和课程发展.

鉴于第246次mg官方网站-QA项目评估的成功, the mg官方网站-QA interviewed NUOL personnel who attended the assessment and would like to share several impressions and experiences emerging from our fruitful discussion.


Internationalisation and quality improvement of education is a key for higher education institutions to keep up with the pace of the ever-improving post-modern society, 质量保证是帮助大学提高的一个很好的评估工具, strategise, 并在全球高等教育多元化而日益融合的格局中导航.

NUOL对mg官方网站-QA项目评估的方法源于同样的基础. According to Dr. Douangmala Khamsongka, FLP质量保证组组长, the quality assurance assessment by the mg官方网站-QA allowed the university to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of the curricular and the faculty for further development. On a similar note, Mr. Keosaychong Saysouvannavong, 国际关系部部长, 考虑评估, comments and suggestions by the mg官方网站-QA Assessors as a vital constituent to the faculty and the university’s efforts to elevate and internationalise their current academic programmes, 设施及课程.


The mg官方网站-QA team has always acknowledged the significance of strong collaboration in delivering quality assurance services as it plays an essential part in preparing the university for the stakes and challenges that may happen during the assessment. The goal is always to enable the university personnel to showcase their programmes and accomplishments at full potential in a professional and respectful environment. This sentiment seemed to have been carried on in the 246th mg官方网站-QA Programme Assessment based on the positive feedback from the NUOL team.

Dr. Douangmala said the entire operational process from the preparatory period leading up to the assessment itself was well-planned and professional. According to her, the suggestions from the mg官方网站-QA Assessors were respectful but also tailored in detail for practical use for the benefit of the assessed programmes, faculty and university. For Ms. Vilay Langkavong, 政治学系主任, she applauded the mg官方网站-QA team for its high levelled proficiency in collaborating with the university in making the assessment happen. She would also like to extend her appreciation to the mg官方网站-QA Assessors in particular for the success of the assessment along with all the kind and thorough comments and suggestions that served as a looking glass reflecting all the hard work the university had put into developing the assessed programmes over the past few years.


For NUOL, their success in the mg官方网站-QA Programme Assessment is not just a one-time victory; quality assurance is more of a glorious beginning for the university to identify new challenges and opportunities as part of its mission to excel and gain recognition as a prestigious internationally standardised higher education institution.

According to Mr. Keosaychong, the faculty and the university will implement the suggestions from mg官方网站-QA Assessors in different areas and levels of improvements, 例如,改善校园设施,为学生提供实习机会. Similarly, Ms. Vilay would like to explore collaborations with private universities and the private sector as part of the efforts to promote student exchange, internship, 以及在国家和地区层面上的大学与产业的关系. Lastly, for Dr. Douangmala, mg官方网站-QA评审员的建议对大学未来的活动和优先事项的规划至关重要. 在经历了与mg官方网站-QA在质量保证方面合作的全部潜力后,Dr. Douangmala confirmed that NUOL and FLP have already submitted three other academic programmes for a programme assessment with the thematic network set to be held in May 2022.

The mg官方网站-QA would like to use this opportunity to extend its appreciation to NUOL for such a strong and fruitful collaboration throughout the 246th mg官方网站-QA Programme Assessment. 高度重视大学在提高高等教育质量和国际化方面的投入, the mg官方网站-QA is looking forward to working with NUOL in the near future as part of the thematic network’s pursuit to enhance higher education quality across the ASEAN region.